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24 March 2006
A first sitting of the State Commission on Development and Concretization of the Program of Democratic Reforms in the country was held under the chairmanship of the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev in Astana.

While opening the sitting, Nursultan Nazarbaev said: “We are committed to continue consistent democratic reformations and political modernization of the country. Our main purpose is still constant: this is strengthening foundations of an open, democratic and lawful state, which harmonically combines both conventional democratic legitimacies and traditions of our multinational and multi confessional society. I expect that a significant contribution to enforcement of such a vector of further political modernization of the country will be made by you, respectful Commission members. You know, that the National Commission has been one of the most important forums of reforms in the last one and a half year, where interests of different political and social forces could be agreed and mutually satisfactory decisions could be achieved. Today development of such a dialogue and, most important, practical implementation of achieved agreements on important questions of political modernization have especial actuality. For that reason the Commission’s status has been changed, its structure and authority have been extended. From now I will be a Head of the Commission”.

The State Commission involves outstanding social and political figures of the country, leaders of different political parties, representatives of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan and Trade Unions Federation, heads of social associations, vice-chairmen and deputies of the Parliament Chambers.

The President noticed the necessity of “national expertise” on actions on development and realization of political reforms, its comprehensibility and support by the prevailing part of the society.

On the results of the sitting the Head of the State gave a number of instructions to the Government and the President’s Administration on further democratization of political system, including creation of a legislative base for decentralization of the state power and implementing local self-governing, realization of elections to Kenes (a local representative organ) in villages and settlements, increasing state support for non-governmental organizations and parties represented in Parliament.

The President said: “Challenges of the 21st century strongly require more dynamic modernization of the whole system of social-political relationships, what will allow Kazakhstan to be a respectful and full member of international society, realistically pretending to join the number of the world’s most competitive countries in the nearest ten years. I am not going to make a secret that achievement of this purpose requires gigantic efforts and new, extraordinary approaches and ways to the matter from state organs, political and civil society institutes. The dignity of the purpose is that we want our citizens to live in such conditions, in which citizens of the countries we are intending to join live. I suppose, all of us want it. Let this purpose be each kazakhstani’s idea. Let unite our people by this dignified purpose”.

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