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3 September 2012
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Letter from Residents of Karakemer Village of Yenbekshikazakh District of Almaty Region


The authors of the letter wrote that the article of the President titled “Social Modernization: 20 Steps to a Society of Universal Labour” gave confidence to the residents of the village, especially to the young people. 

The letter reads, in particular:

“Development of education and labour is one of the challenges of your balanced policy. In this regard, it is obvious that a well-educated and hard-working man becomes more responsible and patriotic. We support your initiatives and are aware how it is important to foster such feelings as unity, love for Motherland, and patriotism.”

The letter also contains an idea concerning the need to develop the process of local self-governance at village and to increase all-round involvement of people in solving the issues on local development. The residents of the village back the topics related to the issue that urgent matters should be solved on the basis of laws and at the high organizational level. The residents of the Karakemer Village also inform on the willingness of each resident to participate in enhancing the image of the country and the village and their sustainable development.

“We are aware of the importance that it is possible to prosper and achieve the heights only due to labour. We are eager to contribute to the prosperity of independent Kazakhstan,” the authors of the letter concluded.

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