23 April 2006
Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev congratulated Orthodox believers of the country on the Christ resurrection holiday at the Sviato-Voznesenskiy Cathedral in Almaty.

- Dear compatriots! It is a great pleasure for me and for my spouse to be together with you today and congratulate you on this blessed holyday. All Kazakhstanies together with Orthodox Christians are meeting this holyday on this spring bright Sunday, because Christ Easter is considered as a great example of loving all neighbors regardless of their believes, nationalities and other differences. Believers devote this day to charity, help and support for neighbors, because good, mercy and compassion initially were laid in the basis of the holyday. I am sincerely glad, that believers of different religions live in peace and accord in our multinational and multi confessional Kazakhstan, and we are celebrating many religious holydays. As you know, according to my suggestion I made at the Jubilee Session of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, since this year Kurban Ayt and Christmas have been announced to be rest-days.    
The great wisdom of the people of our country is contained in the aspiration for unity and tolerance. This cannot be met anywhere else in the world, especially now, when the civilization conflicts have been deepen so hard. Our land, historically situated on the crossroad of the world religions, is a worthy example of how to maintain peace and dialog between different religions in a poly-confessional country. That is a result of laborious and constant efforts of our people and of the state policy oriented to strengthening inter confessional and international accord. – The President said while congratulating Orthodox Christians. 

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