23 September 2005
Head of the State visited Pavlodar State Teachers’ Training Institute where he got acquainted with student’s pilot project of distance learning.

The project of distance learning developed by the institute allows to actively share experience and methodological recommendations, teach new technologies, hold master classes via videoconferencing. As Nursultan Nazarbayev noted in the long run it was aimed at the training of high-quality personnel.

- Teachers must not only teach children nowadays but the main thing they should teach them to study for all their lives and follow the ongoing changes, the head of the state emphasized.

That is why the state pays a special attention to the raising of teachers’ status and their support. Measures on improvement of pedagogical education are being undertaken as well.

- We all remember the period when the regional teachers’ training institutes were included as subdivisions into the regional universities. Nevertheless the demand in teachers did not disappear, moreover it raised. That is why the reopening of five teachers’ training institutes, including yours, was a right decision. Your task is to develop a modern system of education combining the best traditions of home education and international experience, Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed.

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