26 September 2005
The guests of the Film Festival shared their impressions of Kazakhstan after the meeting with the Head of the State.

It is good when the President supports and pays great attention to the art of the film, receiving the participants of the festival. I think it positively affects the cinematography, Theo Angelopoulos said. As the film director stressed, he visited Astana for the first time and admired Kazakhstan’s new capital. It is an unusual. This city in a steppe is like a science fiction, Theo Angelopoulos said.

- Your country and people are fantastic. And the President is an outstanding person who cares about his people and I support him, Jean Claude Van Damme noted.

- It is very fantastic. I just can’t imagine how much creative work and skill are put to all this. I would like to represent all this in paint, Vadim Abdrashitov said.

- I am very proud that we have a handsome and charming President. And I do not know the country where the President gives so much attention to the cinematography, Natalya Arinbasarova noted.

- Kazakhstan is my second Motherland. And its development is obvious nowadays. This country is a prosperous, friendly to all countries, religions and nationalities. And it is a pointer of how the President rules the country, Yegor Konchalovsky said.

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