12 September 2005
The Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the 2nd Civic Forum which was held in Astana.


All promised on the 1st Civic Forum I have done, the President of the country said in his statement.


For this short time the cooperation of state bodies and nongovernmental sector has assumed a system character. The republican and regional programs on state support of NGO for 2003-2005 have been adopted. In the ministries of social sector and under akims of all regions, Almaty and Astana consultative bodies have been created. With the adoption of Law on State Social Order the effective system of NGO attracting to realization of large scale social programs on a grant basis has been created. Only during the last two years more than 173 million tenge has been spent on social projects within the framework of regional programs, nearly 300 million tenge has been spent within the framework of ministries’ programs.


By the beginning of the next decade we will gradually increase financing up to the level of no less than 1 billion tenge.

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