2 March 2006
The Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbaev hеld a session of the Security Council of the State on which a project of the Strategy of national security for the 2006-2010 years was considered.

Members of the Government and representatives of other state organs made reports about main parameters of the new Strategy prepared by the Government and the Secretariat of the Security Council.

The Head of the State said: “New Strategy of national security must assist Kazakhstan in joining the number of the fifty most developed countries in the world. It was done much for maintaining security of the country, but a number of threats and challenges remains.”

The Strategy for the 2006-2010 years was developed with taking into account increased economical and political possibilities of Kazakhstan, predictions of changes of situation in the world, region and country. It is noticed in the document, that previous global security mechanisms and systems do not correspond to the modern realities and need a fundamental reformation. A decline of effectiveness is observed in the old system controlling military hardware and in the system of non-proliferation of the weapons of mass-destruction. Military conflicts are periodically arising in the world; controversies are developed in strategies of different states. Lasting conflicts in the strategically important regions of the globe (Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan) are a serious threat to the global stability. A complex geopolitical situation is formed around Iran. Internal conflict potential is preserved in Central Asia. Questions are aroused about effectiveness of the adopted forms of fighting international terrorism. Narcotic business remains a serious threat for the Central Asia region. Epidemics and epizootics become an actual problem. 

As emphasized speakers, there is a number of problems inside the country, connected to the crimes, corruption, drug addiction, ecological and other problems, what also needs system enforcing of internal security.    
Therefore it is necessary to create an effective and modern system of the national security oriented to preventive revelation and removal of the threats, and improving resilience against crisis on the whole. Such a system must be adapted to the modern global trends in the areas of international security, be flexible, and be suitable for active actions for forming secure external and internal environment. 

Such a technique implies integrity of Kazakhstan to regional and global security systems, use of democratic methods and ways of maintaining security, observance of the international obligations ratified by our state.

Priorities and practical tasks are defined in the project of the Strategy for the nearest years for each direction of ensuring national security.

In particular, policy in the Central Asian region will be performed more actively for assuring external security. Realization of Nursultan Nazarbaev’s initiative for creating a Union of the Central Asian States has a great potential in that concern.  
Strategic and constructive relationships with Russia, China and the USA will be maintained in a two-sided format and via such organizations as OPCS, NATO, ShOC. Priority will be given to strengthening cooperation in fighting international terrorism, religious extremism, drug dealing.

Maintenance of international security will be supported by active development of strategic dialog in CICMA, participation of Kazakhstan in non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in solving problems of social – economical rehabilitation in Afghanistan.

For ensuring economical security disproportions between mineral and high-technology sectors will be reduced, a route to the regional and global markets will be created for local companies; economical system of the state will be stable and independent on variations of the global conjuncture.   

A complex of measures for strengthening and developing the military Forces of the State, for technical re-equipment and training modern military personnel on the base of the new military doctrine is suggested in the project of the Strategy.  

Priority will be given to maintaining internal political stability, and political reformation will be continued for solving this problem. Systematic and determined measures will be implemented for fighting corruption, which is a threat for social security.

Serious attention will be paid to solving ecological issues and to complex measures for ensuring information security.

Solving problems, which are considered in the project of the Strategy, will allow realizing national interests of the republic of Kazakhstan and passing to a completely new level of development, protection of interests of the state, society and person.

The Head of the State gave an order to improve the project of the Strategy in one month, taking into account problems that were determined in the annual Address of the President to the people of Kazakhstan, and prepare corresponding decree of the President for signing.

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