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1 June 2006
Today a regular sitting of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held under President Nursultan Nazarbaev’s chairmanship.

Some concrete examples were shown in the President’s and the speakers’ speeches. 

As it is known, a serviceman of financial police Kistaubaev was arrested; he was a member of an organized criminal group in the beginning of the 90th years.  Despite of that, in 2003 he was appointed Head of the operative division of the Financial Police Department of Almaty. In 2005 he was dismissed, but later he was re-appointed to his post by court verdict in March 2005. Kistaubaev and his subordinate officers organized a system of requisitions and were taking tributes from more than 20 commercial organizations. Four automobiles of representative class, many precious jewellery and other values were found at a search in his home.   
Heads of divisions, which must fight corruption amongst policemen, are often accused of corruption themselves in the Interior system. For example,  Shamelov, the deputy head of the internal security department of the central administration of the Interior Ministry, Botanbaev, the deputy head of the internal security agency of the Interior department of the South-Kazakhstan region were involved in corruption crimes. 

Ramazanov, deputy head of the custom control department of the Almaty region, Zhumabekov, head of the “Korgas” custom post, his deputy Baimukhanov and other servicemen of office of public prosecutor and interior ministry were arrested in connection with corruption.  

There are some instances when persons accused of committing illegal actions leaved the service in custom organs at own will and after that were re-appointed to top positions in the system of custom service. For example, former head of the “Taldykorgan” custom post Iskakov failed the next attestation, and was dismissed in 2002 at his will. In 2003 he changed his family name and was taken on in the custom control department of the Karagandy region. Nowadays he and the head of the “Korgas” custom post are charged with committing corruption crimes.     

Measures on increasing the efficiency of fight against corruption were discussed during the sitting of the Security Council. Particularly, it is suggested to make changes and amendments into the acting legislation in order to remove or shorten preconditions for committing corruption crimes. All requirements will be tighten for persons entering state service; measures will be taken for intensifying the work of disciplinary councils; criteria will be determined for accurate estimating state organs in the context of fight against corruption.        
The Head of the State gave concrete commissions to investigate thoroughly all mentioned in the speeches corruption crimes. Assistant to the President, Secretary to the Security Council M. Tazhin supervises this work. Chairman of the National Security Committee A. Shabdarbaev, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President B.Imashev, Chairman of the Agency on fighting economical and corruption crimes S. Kalmurzaev are involved in the work group.      

Taking into account the importance of preventive measures, creating an atmosphere of intolerance to corruption in the society, development of systematic approaches, an interdepartmental commission on anticorruption policy has been planned in the structure of the Security Council

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