1 May 2012
Today President Nursultan Nazarbayev Congratulates Kazakhstanis on Unity Day

The President participated in the festive events which took place at the Astana Square in Almaty.

President Nazarbayev emphasized that that the Unity Day of the People of Kazakhstan has become a good tradition for our people.

“We have achieved great success thanks to unity and cohesion of all ethnic groups who live in our country. During these two decades, within a short historic period we have managed to build an independent state and make it known around the world. Our citizens live in friendship, with trust and solidarity, respecting the rights, freedom, language, and religions of one another. It is the basis for our unity, a source of our power, fortitude and confidence in tomorrow. Kazakhstan proved to everyone that people of different nationalities can live together in harmony. It is our important strategic development resource”, the President highlighted.

In conclusion, the head of state wished all Kazakhstanis good health and happiness, success and well-being, optimism and confidence in the future.

As part of the working visit to Almaty, the head of state also visited the Almaly shopping mall.

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