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Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Visit to the new building of the Nazarbayev Centre

01 december 2013 year


During the visit Nursultan Nazarbayev surveyed the building and inspected the basic parameters of the object.

The head of state congratulated Kazakhstanis on the holiday and noted that the Day of the First President is marked in other countries, including the USA, European and Asian states.

“The Parliament of Kazakhstan established the holiday. After that day we will celebrate the most important event – the Independence Day. These events are interrelated. When I received the mandate, supported by the people, on behalf of the Kazakh nation I declared the independence of our country. That is why on this day we mark the new way of development and prosperity of our country. Today citizens of Astana and regions of Kazakhstan have been allocated housing, introduced new social facilities that will serve to benefit the people. Moreover, the Eco Taxi Project was presented in the capital which is the start of preparation for EXPO-2017. It aims to improve the environmental situation in Astana and we will extend this experience to Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan”, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan also stressed that the building of the Nazarbayev Centre was a new unique object of our capital.

“This is the creation of world-renowned architect Norman Foster. Similar centers are being built in many cities around the world. The center will conduct research on the history of our independence, the world economy and politics. Young people will gain new knowledge in the field of national history and learn the languages. The building is a huge eye, directed into the sky. I have come to thank the builders, sponsors participating in the creation of the object. I congratulate all of you and wish prosperity and success to every family in Kazakhstan”, the President highlighted.

Moreover, during the visit, the President’s historic documents in special framing, which had a key influence on formation and development of the contemporary Kazakhstan, were presented to Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The multifunctional building of 28 thousand square meters consists of nine floors. The storage of its library is designed for 460 thousand units with 200 thousand units in closed storages.

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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan