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Participation of Gulshara Abdykalikova, State Secretary of Kazakhstan, in “Great Steppe” 2nd Int’l Forum of Humanities, organized by the International Turkic Academy

Heads and representatives of international organizations like the United Nations, UNESCO, the Islamic Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization for (ISESCO), the Science Foundation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation, the Turkic Council, TURKSOY, the TurkPA, as well as state and public figures, Prominent scientists, diplomats have participated in the solemn opening.

Gulshara Abdykalikova, speaking at the opening of the event, read the congratulations of Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Forum participants and guests. The congratulation of Kazakhstan’s President noted that the Forum gives a great impetus to intercontinental scientific integration and has a favorable impact on the development of mutual understanding and cooperation.

About 300 scientists and experts from Russia, the United States, China, Hungary, Germany, Mongolia, South Korea, India and the Turkic states made presentations in 6 panel sessions, expressing their views on the Head of State’s program article titled "Future Outlook: Improving Public Consciousness".

In particular, in sections "Ways of Spiritual Revival", "Cult of Science: Scientific Integration and Common Values", "Historical Memory and Future Outlook", "Turkic Literary Traditions and Modernity", "Turkic Languages: Research, Preservation and Promotion" "Turkic Cultural Heritage in the Context of World Civilization" there have been discussions of issues of the Kazakh language transition to the Latin alphabet, implementation of "Tugan Zher" program, "Spiritual Sacred Sites of Kazakhstan" project, and the problems of scientific growth.

As part of the Forum, the State Secretary has awarded Myrzatai  Zholdasbekov, an academician and   prominent state and public figure, with the gold medal of the International Turkic Academy, as well as Myrfatyh Zakiev, a well-known scientist and public figure of the Republic of Tatarstan, for his significant contribution to the scientific development of the Turkic world and strengthening of cooperation between fraternal nations.

There was also an exhibition of books published by the International Turkic Academy in recent years.

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